Human Services Cod of Ethics

Human Services Code of Ethics
By: Teshauna Kyles
Kaplan University

Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals
An Ethical Standard I that would help me as a Human Service Professional is The Human Service Professional’s Responsibility to Clients. Statement is what I like the best out of the statements of the responsibilities, which reads “Human service professionals respect the integrity and welfare of the client at all times. Each client is treated with respect, acceptance and dignity.”   (NOHS 1996, Ethical Standards). With this standard I would be able to assist and help all my clients.
If you don’t respect your client and their wellbeing then how do you think you will be able to be a human service professional? As long as I know that I am respecting my client and they are respecting me then I know that I will be able to solve any issues they have because we both have trust in each other. My clients will know first hand that I will be able to resolve, help or counsel them from the start because of I will earn their trust. Ethical Standards are very important as a human service professional in so many ways.
The Ethical Standards are very important to follow and if they are not followed you will not be able to do the job as human service professional. If you don’t follow the standards you might end up having the wrong type of relationship with your client, you need to stay professional at all time. You cant help them in ways that you know are not in your description. You need these standards so you and colleagues are working professionally together and not having any type of drama amongst each other.
You have to know how to do your profession, be honest and have integrity/respect at all times. Ask your supervision for help in making decisions and don’t try to do anything for your client that is not in your profession or is out of your league. Having these standards will help you know your job, what to expect out of colleagues and supervision.