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Leah Meske
University of Phoenix
                            HRM 548 Human Resource Recruitment and Retention.
                                                        Nancy Wood
                                                      September 3, 2012

      New Health Medical System is a large hospital and their goal is to have the best talent pool available to become a regional center for critically ill heart patients. The facts are employees are the backbone of every company. The better employees are the better qualified, trained, and managed and the more effective and profitable the company will be. .   In meeting the goals of recruiting and selection of employees the company will need to align the company goals by strategic planning.
            It is essential the HR department identifies applicants who fit into the job category they are hiring for. HR should gather as much information about key behaviors to include
turnover, involuntary turnover, compensation, and effective leadership, benefit and pay
scale. The information can in turn also be used for the data to streamline pre screening a potential job applicant.   The staffing needs are identified in a clear manner but now HR needs to focus on how to obtain the how the gaps will be filled in when employees go on vacation or take leaves of absence or the workload becomes heavy.
      Placing advertisements, contacting staffing agencies that specialize in skilled technicians, job fairs for professionals, offering a sign on bonus and I might add some other avenues to attract talent by utilizing social media groups and using temp agencies for temporary work or temp to hire. The hospital can utilize the temp workers for short or long-term assignments in this way we can keep the doors open while building the reputation of the hospital as a regional center for heart disease.
There is also   a   need...