Human Resource Technology

Human Resource Management & Technology
It’s no news the huge growth technology has had in recent years, this has affected all areas of businesses activities and of course, the Human Resource department couldn’t stay behind. ICTs are powerful tools that if used for educational purposes will increase opportunities for continuous learning. Among the main indicators that have shown to be improved by the ICTs we can find: efficiency in task performing, cost reduction, improved internal communication and coordination and finally, decrease in the time needed to satisfy customer needs. Many authors agree in the fact that information and communication technologies help improving the indicators mentioned before because of the processes automation and the improvement in the speed of information transmission. However, new trends appear to indicate that ICTs can also empower a new way of organizing work in companies.
The ICTs which massively affect every organization also imply a great optimization, automation and increased efficiency in the methods used by the human resources department. Information technology has facilitated routine work for HR departments by providing a set of management tools. Nowadays, departments that deal with staff, count with software applications that help them in the processes of selection, training, staff evaluation or payroll calculations. This way, not only the person is optimizing time and reducing costs but also the quality of the information obtained is improved. These days, most companies are already computerized; therefore, access to new technologies is not usually very limited. The problem they face is the enormous amount of information that the person must manage and select to properly do the job.
Recruiting has been significantly impacted by technology. According to Jared Lewis, “Before the Internet, HR recruiters had to rely on print publications, such as newspapers, to post jobs and get prospects for open positions. Other methods...