Human Resource Management

Human Resources Management—Recruiting and Selecting

ELP, Level 820
Robyn Conners
Human Resources Management—Recruiting and Selecting
Human resource management is a term focused on developing and maintaining organizations’ human capitals which are the most important resources of organizations. If companies can give the right person the right position for which they are best suited to do the right thing more effectively at the right time, these companies will be successful and sustainable in the fierce competitive market. When globalization is undergoing a rapid development, organizations find that it is not easy to hire satisfied employees, and that it is more difficult to find outstanding talents who fit organizations’ strategies and business market. However, only depending on training employees to be top-ranking staff cannot solve the problem of a shortage of skilled labor. First ensure that the employees companies decide to hire have already possessed superb qualities. Since the results of training the employees are very limited no matter how remarkable the training is and how much money organizations spend on training. How dare you want to teach a chicken how to fly? The best way is to have a bird directly for the purpose of saving more money and energy. More and more companies pay more attention on recruiting smart staff, redesigning the job descriptions and salary components to attract more talents. Organizations should have clear notions, approaches, strategies, and complete recruitment systems to bring in real stars.
The development of the recruitment
The role of people was neglected for a period of time because of the application of science and technology on management. Newell, J. and Swain, A. asserted in their book, The professional recruiter’s handbook that it was only in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries when the demand of employee increased dramatically in the United Kingdom where major changes in...