Hum 176 Final Assignment

Final Assignment

Part one

Being an editor or producer in any form of media is a difficult job. The said person is often faced with many difficult decisions. They are faced daily with the inner struggle to showcase less important pop culture issues that will get good ratings, and putting issues that are less flashy and more serious as a lead story. When faced with a difficult decision as such, the editor has no other choice but to showcase what will give higher ratings. In this situation, the editor is forced to choose between showcasing the death of a celebrity or a story about recycling. There are many different reasons why an editor must choose to showcase the story about the celebrity.   The story will sell. It will attract readers who may not have viewed the paper, increase the ratings and revenues of the paper, and keep them competitive, current and relevant.
By putting the celebrity death as a lead story, especially on the internet, it will attract readers to the Internet media site.   When the death of a celebrity occurs, many people will type their name in the search engine. If the internet media site puts the celebrity death as the lead story, their paper may come up as a result to a search. This will draw in readers. Once the person reads the story about the celebrity, they will probably read the following articles. In order to attract readers, the editor must appeal to the public. While they have a moral responsibility to report on the issues of substance, with out readers, the articles will go unread anyway. In this era, the audience has many different options when it comes to where they get their news from. If a media outlet wants to remain among the popular choices, the must showcase and lead with stories that will attract an audience. Once the audience can depend on that media outlet, they will explore all the articles.
Revenue and ratings are the bottom line in the business of media delivery. Without readers, the ratings plummet. The revenues...