Project Management Final Assignment

Mgt 437 –Project Management Final Individual Assignment
Performance Measurement Paper
Laura Harper
University of Phoenix
March 9, 2009
Terry M. Ganzel


      The Purpose of this paper is to describe the concepts of performance measurement of a project in project management in the public sector. The concept of Performance Measures may be new to many of the performing Organizations. If there are not performance measurements and it does not exist in an organization, the Project Manager may want to develop a system to help prove the effectiveness of his/her own project. In doing so, the Project Manager might be able to also contribute to the process of many improvements within the organization. Is there any relationship between organizational performance and individual or group incentives to contribute to organizational performance? In many organizations, projects are selected because they enhance operational performance. For example, a project may be intended to reduce cycle time, or improve the time for market or increase customer’s satisfaction. The Project Manager must understand how to extend and to what extent the performance of his/her project is expected to improve organizational performance, and how the project’s effect will be measured.

      Performance Measures have three ways to measure the performance and this measurement should identify the population to be measured, the method of the measurement, and the data source and time period for the measurement. Each

Measurement should also be: (1) objective, (2) easy to understand, (3) controllable by minimizing outside influences (4) timely, (5) accurate (6) cost-effective, (7) useful, (8) motivating, (9) track-able. Listed are several types of performance measurement that will measure performance in projects in the public sector. These measurements are Performance measure, Performance Measurement, and Output measures, and Input measures.

      Here are the comparisons...