Exp105 Final Assignment

In 1991, Jack Mezirow conducted research on adults that were engaged in transformational change. In his quest to find the seven phases that, occur during learning processes he states briefly that the four stages of transformational learning include recognizing problems, confronting it, finding a solution, and having a new perspective on a problem.
A transformational learning experience that I have encountered in my life is my wedding planning, going to school, and attempting to get everyone involved on the same page. I have had to try to jumble everything together to reach my goals that I have set for myself. Although, I am trying to fight my inner demons and not just give up on my tasks. However, going through all of the above-mentioned items it has been a transformation on my self-esteem, stress level, and determination to accomplish what goals I have set in motion for myself.
The seven phases of transformational learning include…
“Experiencing a dilemma, self-examination, critical assessment of assumptions,  
Recognizing that others have gone through the same thing, exploring a process,  
formulating a plan, and reintegration”. (Jack Mezirow 1991)
Out of these seven phases, I have gone through all of these at one point in my life. For example, I am currently in debate about wedding plans with my future in laws, there are aspects in my wedding planning that they do not agree with, and that I feel is an important part of the celebration. I have had to formulate a plan of attack to try to make everyone happy though causing the dilemma of trying not to upset anyone or ruin any sort of plans that have already been made. I feel that all seven phases qualify to me regarding my wedding, schooling, and overall happiness.