This report is prepared on ‘The HongKong and Shanghai Banking Corporation’- HSBC, in Bangladesh. With its symbol of a Hexagon and the illustrative theme ‘The world’s local bank’ –HSBC is known to a lot of countries and territories of the world as a leading financial service institution.
Although the history of its operation in our country is relatively new, yet HSBC already commands a great deal of respect and reputation in our banking community. We consider our self privileged as an MBA student from ASA University Bangladesh, to work with HSBC.
While working with different sections of Personal financial Services Department, We got the opportunity to observe various principles and procedures followed in this department. On completion of our visiting duration, we decided to start compilation of a report on our works, side by side with our routine job assignments.
1.2.0 Background
Every Financial Institute irrespective of its size is generally exposed to market liquidity and interest rate risks in connection with the process of Asset Liability Management. Failure to identify the risks associated with business and failure to take timely measures in giving a sense of direction threatens the very existence of the institution. It is, therefore, important that the strategic decision makers of an organization assume special care with regard to the Balance Sheet Risk management and should ensure that the structure of the institute’s business and the level of Balance Sheet risk it assumes are effectively managed, appropriate policies and procedures are established to control the direction of the organization. The whole exercise is with the objective of limiting these risks against the resources that are available for evaluating and controlling liquidity and interest rate risk.
1.3.0 Objectives
HSBC is a well known fact that the function of Asset and Liability is very crucial for any bank. In Bangladesh, banking is relatively underdeveloped, and the...