Compensation and Benefit package

Ashimedua Obata, Teresa Smith, Monson Mayme

February, 2015
Dr. Craig Southern Ph.D.

Compensation and Benefit package

Team As a virtual employee of Atwood Consultant we have being given the task to recommend and a Compensation and benefit Strategies that will fit Landslide Limousine business goals. These recommendations will separate it from other Limousine services in Austin Texas. The team reorganizes that Landslide Limo has competitions from other limo services. In other words the kind of recommendation that will be provided to Landslide will almost be an Iron clad recommendation. By Irion clad, we mean that, this will make it almost impossible for other limousine companies operating in Austin Texas area to lure Land slide Limo Drivers to their company. To successfully achieve this goal we are going to recommend several benefits and compensation packages for Landslide Limousine Company.

Market evaluation

We took a look at the Limousine industry in Austin Texas. There are over 600 limousine companies operating in Austin Texas. ("", 2015). This means that landslide Limousine Company will face competition from these other limo companies. Looking at the market, the average limo driver nationally makes about $8.24 Hourly (17100 annually) at the low end, Median $10.98 ( $22.800 annually) and at the high end $17.72 ( $36.800 annually). In 2013, Austin and her surroundings in Texas, the low is $7.88 hourly ($16.400 annually), median $10.05 hourly ( $20,900. Annually), and at the high end is $16.07 an hour ($33,400 annually). ("Taxi Drivers and Chauffeurs", 2013). Please be aware that there are other data from other sources that will I increase or decrease this amount, but for now we will stick with our findings. At least we are aware that limousine drivers make more than the minimum wage. So in this case to be competitive our limo company will pay...