There are many different training methods that have surfaced over the years.   Before you can choose a training method you must first define what skill you want to teach to your staff.   You want to make sure whatever method you choose will motivate the trainee to improve their performance, demonstrates the desired skills, allows participation and practice, plus provide proper feedback.   These methods are used to simulate learning and are classified in three ways such as information presentation, simulation methods or on the job training.
The first training method used is information-presentation techniques, which include lectures, conferences, correspondence courses, videos/CDs, interactive multimedia and intelligent tutoring software.   The second method is simulation methods, which include case methods, role playing, behavior modeling, and interactive simulations for virtual teams, virtual reality and business simulations.   The third method is on the job training.   This includes orientation training, apprenticeships, on the job training, near the job training using similar equipment away from the job, job rotation, understudy assignments, on the job coaching and performance management.
Some learning principles to look at should be based on whether the trainees are learning skills or factual material.   When learning facts you will want to focus on goal setting, make sure the material is meaningful, allow practice and provide feedback.   When goal setting make sure to motivate the trainee and set personal goals.   When you set goals this will lead to motivate the trainee to want to achieve those goals that have been set.   Some principles that should be a focus for landslide limousine should be customer service, effective listening and other elements to the job.
In my opinion the best effective method to use is on the job training and simulation methods like role playing.   These elements will reinforce the training material and allow the trainee to grasp the...