Hrm 531 Dq1

HRM 531 Week 5 DQ 2
Which employee selection method would you recommend using? Provide an example and explain the positives and negatives attributed to this method.
Response #1
The employee selection method I would recommend using would depend on the position I was hiring for. I believe it is important for hiring managers to first outline the position he is offering by the skill the potential employee must have and be capable of completing. I believe the most convenient and the most inexpensive employee selection method would be to run an ad and have employee cone in for a preinterview and choose individuals qualified or the position to come in for and initial interview. The positives attributed to these methods are that it would save the company time and money; however on the negative ensuring that potential applicants are selected. Sometimes hiring potential applicants without checking his or her background and pretest   can cost the company more money in the long run of hiring an efficient and successful applicant for the job.

Response #2
The most popular on of the selection methods that are done today are still the filling out of applications or submitting your resume to online employment sites like Career Builder .com. Now there are still a lot of smaller companies or businesses that still want you to come into and put in an application at their office and then will have an interview with you while you are there. This is how my trucking company still works but the Aerospace Corporation that I was selected to work at in 2002 was an employment agency or Government contractor that selected me from a group of resumes and I worked for them for a year before the Aerospace Corporation hired me on full time. Now for the positive is that using Career builder, Linked in,, and these are very fast to get your resume out there on many jobs that you have the qualifications for. Now for the negative part of this process is in the last six months of getting...