Hr Mgmt. Paper


Our appraisal information will be gathered using three different sources. We will utilize an appraisal done by a manager or supervisor, a self-appraisal, and appraisals done by coworkers.

To gather information about our employees, we will have managers and supervisors complete employee reviews by observing both the skills and the knowledge of each employee. We will also have each employee fill out a survey about how they feel they are performing. Lastly we will have fellow employees critique the work of one other.

Labor Relations/Communication

Communication with employees is essential in ensuring that everything runs on schedule. During the day, we will communicate to our employees through walkie-talkies. We will also use cell phones and email to get in touch with our employees when they are not on site.

Our workplace policies consist of a code of conduct, in which the employees are always to act responsibly and professionally. We also enforce a strict drug and alcohol policy, which states that employees are not allowed to consume alcohol or drugs while on the job. Lastly, we have a heath and safety policy that explains that the safety of our employees and customers is the most important aspect of our company.

Employee grievances will be dealt with confidentially and employees will not be penalized for raising a grievance. Employees are encouraged to bring grievance matters to our manager’s attention as soon as possible. In turn, the manager will then do everything in their power to ameliorate the situation. If you are unsatisfied with the manager’s response, you may appeal the decision to our board of owners.