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HRM Application Paper Length: Due: Value: Post: Paper: 5 - 6 double-spaced pages Week 8 by Wednesday Midnight 125 Points for 25% of the grade Week 8 Assignments

Prepare and submit through Turnitin, a 5 – 6 page paper that identifies and discusses how you will apply human resource concepts studied during HRCU 645 by discussing three (3) lessons learning about effective people management practices. The paper should be specific; your grade will be determined on how well you demonstrate understanding of the effective human resource management concepts and practices, your assessment of how their application can enhance your professional effectiveness, and your action plan to apply them in the real world. While the paper should focus on your personal learning, insights and real world application, it must be based on course concepts and include appropriate citations. HRM Application Paper Guidelines In preparing your paper, reflect and respond to the following:  What were the three most valuable lessons learned about effective people management practices?  How does each lesson learned relate to effective human resource management concepts, practices and systems? Use your text or other expert sources to define, describe and connect HR concepts, practices and systems with lessons learned.  Why are these lessons learned and human resource management concepts, practices and systems valuable in enhancing your effectiveness as a manager and leader?  How will you change your behavior and/or thinking to integrate your learning?  What specific actions will you take to apply these lessons learned and human resource management concepts, practices and systems? Evaluation Criteria for HRM Application Paper
Paper Elements Introduction Exemplary 10 Provides an interesting introduction clearly stating the purpose of the paper. 30 Accurately defines 3 lessons learned. Clearly links and discusses their importance to HRM in all cases. 30 Clearly and concisely describes how course...