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| |Technology-based assessment in special education.                                                                                     |
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| |by Gerald McCain                                                                                                                     |
| |Technology-based assessment in special education has made advances during the last two decades. Whereas the first applications of     |
| |computer technology for assessment were for scoring student test forms, contemporary uses support many other features and functions. |
| |These features include self-administration, software control of item presentation, response evaluation based on conceptual models or |
| |algorithms, decision making based on rules and criteria, prescription based on expert knowledge, and direct links between assessment |
| |and changes in instruction.                                                                                                           |
| |Technology-based assessment generally refers to the use of electronic systems and software to assess and evaluate the progress of     |
| |individual children in educational settings. Thus it encompasses both electronic versions of traditional measurement protocols as     |
| |well as innovative assessment approaches that employ computers....