Hp Company Analysis

The Consolidated Financial Statements include the accounts of Hewlett-Packard Company, its wholly-owned subsidiaries and its controlled majority-owned subsidiaries HP. HP reports in operating segments based on their product lines.   They have seven reportable business   segments for financial reporting purposes including Services, Enterprise Storage and Servers ("ESS"), HP Software, the Personal Systems Group ("PSG"), the Imaging and Printing Group ("IPG"), HP Financial Services ("HPFS"), and Corporate Investments. The business segments are based on this organizational structure and information reviewed by HP's management to evaluate the business segment results.
The Services segment provides consulting, outsourcing and technology services across infrastructure, applications and business process domains.   Services segment is separated into four main business units including infrastructure technology outsourcing, technology services, applications services and business process outsourcing
The ESS segment provides storage and server products. The server offerings range from entry-level servers to high-end scalable. HP's storage products include entry-level, mid-range and high-end arrays, storage area networks, network attached storage, storage management software, and virtualization technologies, as well as data reduplication solutions, tape drives, tape libraries and optical archival storage.
The PSG segment provides commercial and consumer PCs, workstations, handheld computing devices, calculators and other related accessories, software and services for the commercial and consumer markets. Commercial PCs are optimized for commercial uses customers and for connectivity and manageability in networked environments. Consumer PCs are targeted at the home user to provide advanced graphics, computing, and large modeling capabilities.
The HP Software segment provides enterprise software and services. Enterprise IT management products and services, which are marketed as...