Hp Case

  1. Conduct an Internet and social media search on HP and briefly describe the environmental context of the problem surrounding HP.
The Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) is known as a global technology company and a leadership in this industry. Its revenues and profits are generated from the sale of products, technologies, solutions and services to consumers, businesses and governments. HP has a large range in its portfolio, including personal computer devices, home and business imaging and printing devices, publishing systems, storage and servers, a wide array of information technology services, and software solutions. HP has a dynamic, powerful team of 150,000 employees with capabilities in 170 countries doing business in more than 40 currencies and more than 10 languages. Through Internet and social media, the environmental context surrounding the company can be described as follow:
HP is known by consumers primarily for its PCs and printing products. It is the global leader in the printer market with over 40% shares in printer units sold all over the world of 2012. It is considered as the global leader in the personal computer market. By far it is the largest PC vendor in the world with over 16% market shares in 2012. Although HP still remains the dominant seller of corporate technology products, it has experienced a fall in revenue for recent years ($126 billion in 2011 and $120.4 billion in 2012). (Source: http://www.businessweek.com ). The company has had to deal with several issues in management. HP’s products are also said to be not innovative and cannot response higher and higher demand of consumers. Meanwhile, competitors such as IBM, Lenovo, Apple and Samsung have closed the gap with HP and even surpassed HP in certain segments, especially in PC market.
However, chance door has not closed to HP yet. Rising popularity of tablets allows HP to focus on PC market. The launch of tablets based on WebOS platform...