Cover page.
I believe that my paper still needs some work. Maybe my intro could introduce my 3 point a little better rather than being so broad.   I could also add some more detail to my 2nd and 3rd paragraphs.   I think my 1st paragraph is the strongest point and my conclusion could use some work. The conclusion is rather short and I plan on adding to it.  

Project 1

Many things contribute to the making of who someone is and what they believe in.   I am no exception. There are many variables in the equation known as my life.   My families, friends, and environment are the main contributors.   My life is full of noteworthy events and experiences.   So what makes me, me?   A few key points, events, experiences, as well as myself set goals stand out among the rest and really define who I am and what I stand for.

A part of my life that really helped to shape me as a person was high school.   The part of high school that was most significant to me was my time in football.   Football did many things for me.   It gave me discipline in many areas.   Because of football I find it hard to complain about any situation or task at hand for me.   No matter the physical and/or mental strain I am going through I can almost always say, “I have been through harder”.   My new job consists of pretty extensive hours.   I work 7am-5pm, five days a week.   If I hadn’t had all of the early morning practices and two-a-day sessions I believe that these work hours would be excruciating.   Another main point football made for me is my physical health.   Even though I don’t play the sport any longer I still keep a healthy diet and managed schedule because it helps with my well being.   My current schedule is composed mainly to be as similar to high school as possible because it worked out so well for me, and hopefully it continues to.  

An event that I consider defining in my life was when my mother graduated from college and gained her master degree.   She was the first in the family to attend...