How Would a Teaching Assistant Assist Pupils to Follow Instructions, Keep Focused and Motivated?

Teaching Assistant Level 3
Student Number S50242
Teaching Assistant Diploma Course
Assignment Three

Question 6. How would a teaching assistant assist pupils to follow instructions and keep focused and motivated?

When assisting pupils to follow instruction, there are a number of skills that the teaching assistant will have to use.   These might be instruction, questioning, active, listening, prompting; those pupils who are less willing to participate, explaining words and phrases that are being used by the teacher.   The teaching assistant will also have to praise and reward pupils. It is therefore important that the teaching assistant can uses these skills effectively in order to maintain the pupils’ interest in learning activities.

The strategies and technique the teaching assistant might use to help pupils follow instructions might be;
  * translating or explain words and phrases, if a child is having difficulty in understanding the terminology being used by the teacher.
  * reminding pupils of teaching points made by the teacher
  * talking to the pupils in such that the model for correct use of language and vocabulary is being displayed.
  * ensuring that pupils understand and follow the teacher’s instruction.
  * helping pupils to use resources relevant to the learning activity

When in a classroom environment, it is important to reward the desired behaviour, as positive reinforcement stimulates the student to repeat the desired behaviour.   On the other hand, if a student’s behaviour is regarded as undesirable and the individual receives a response with a negative undertone, demotivation results.   It is also important to note that if behaviour thought to be positive does not lead to proper recognition, reinforcement and reward anxiety and frustration often results.

It is also important that the teaching assistant understands what motivates the pupils they are working with whether it be, money, power or praise.   Since it would be...