How Was Australia Affected Before and After the War?

“It is my melancholy duty to inform you officially that, in persistence by Germany in her invasion of Poland, Great Britain is at war, and that, as a result, Australia is also at war...There was never any doubt as to where Great Britain stood... There can be no doubt that where Great Britain stands, there stands the people of the entire British world."(1) World war two was the most significant event to happen to Australia.   Its effect on Australia was significant and change the way we see the world. After japan entered the war, it brought a new meaning to the war close to home. In this essay I will discuss how history has been forever changed.
Everyday life in Australia was changed during war, this included food being rationed, street lights were dimmed during the night and women were recognized as equal and put to work as nurses and army personnel.   Many goods were rationed included cigarettes, petrol, alcohol, tea and food. This was because the country was in short supply of the above. The rationing caused the start of black markets which were usually run by corrupt authorities wanting to make a little extra money.
The war made Australia realise that they could not rely on Great Britain for their defence. This was because they failed to defend Singapore and provide defence for Australia from Japan.   Australia then realised that the USA were more capable of defending the pacific, thus formed the alliance with the United States of America in 1950 called ‘ANZUS’. 10 years before ‘ANZUS’ America started sending troops to Australia to help defend against Japan’s troops. At first they were welcomed and made at home, in 1950 not many people travelled overseas and this was most people’s first look at a real Americans. They matched the typical Hollywood image, they had wealth, they were well uniformed and there manners impressed Australian women, calling them “Ma’am” and the men “sir.”     “Australians, especially the girls, are a bit amazed at the politeness of...