The Cold War Affected the State of Politics in Australia- Discuss.

The Cold War affected the state of politics in Australia- Discuss.

The Cold War was essentially a battle fought between The USSR (Russia) and The United States. On one side you had a communist state in the USSR; on the other was the capitalist US. While there was not much warfare between the two nations the war was unique because both sides were working on creating nuclear weapons, which sparked fears of a worldwide nuclear war. While Australia was not directly involved our links with the United States found us entangled in the fight against communism. When battles did break out we found ourselves sending troops, and the climate of politics all over the world had a direct impact on how we ran our country.

The Korean War was a turning point in the Cold War. Until now the war had been a battle of ideologies, but when communist North Korea invaded the south the United States joined the fight to protect South Korea. China was also a Communist state which made it hard for the US when they were battling against two large nations in the USSR and China. Australia sent troops to the Korean War- often known as the Forgotten War- to fight on the United States side. The Korean War was fought between 1950 and 1953, and Australia had troops present in the nation until 1957 as a peacekeeping measure. More than 1,500 Australian Troops were killed during our time there.

The Korean War had no profound impact on politics. It was early stages in the Cold War and the majority of Australians were anti communist. There was, however, a communist party set up in Australia. In the 1949 federal election. Labor had previously been in power, but were defeated by Robert Menzies’ Liberal Party. The Liberal Party had a strong anti-communist stance and had been working to effectively ban the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) from operating. A bill was put forward to Parliament in 1950 (The Australian Communist Party Dissolution Bill 1950) which stated that the CPA was an unlawful...