How to Train a Puppy

Puppy class one!

When he gets excited and starts jumping up give him a strong sniff of lavender oil. It’s therapeutic and should make him drowsy enough to calm down.

When the doorbell goes, do not immediately rush up to answer it, take your time, get some nice treats for your dog, try very calmly to get her away from the door by offering her the treats. If she seems interested in the treats (they have to be irresistible to her!) you can throw them out at random over a floor in a room away from where the guests will come in.
It is important that she doesn't get any backup for her excited behaviour by having her pack (you, her family) rush to the door every time she barks or starts revving up. You should be very calm and not make a big fuss over any guests coming through your door.
Ask your guests (maybe you can put a note on the door) to ignore your dog when they come through the door. I know that can be difficult to do when she is jumping up and nipping them, but ask them to do their best. Once they have walked around in your home for a while (letting your dog collect herself) and they settle down on your sofa, make sure they have a treat in their hand and ask them to tell your dog to sit down in front of them. Once your dog sits down, she should get the treat. These exercises are meant to calm your dog down and to teach her that she will get rewards when she is calm and sitting down, rather than when she is jumping and biting