Animal Farm: a Commentary on Communist Regimes

The story of Animal Farm is a story about rogue farm animals, who decide to get rid of the human farmer that tries to repress and control them, so the animals can work together to create an idyll. This idea comes to light after Old Major, a prize winning boar, tells all of the animals at Manor Farm about a dream he had. In his dream the animals govern and take care of themselves without a human watching over their every move and trying to control them. The other animals hail this dream with great excitement and begin to work together to create this paradise. Old Major dies within days of sharing his dream, and three other pigs take over; Snowball, Napoleon, and Squealer. The three pigs take Old Majors main ideas and create a philosophy based on seven ideas, called "Animalism". The animals band together and are able to run the farmer off the land. The animals rename the farm, calling it "Animal Farm" and continue to devote themselves to Old Major's ideals.

The farm begins to prosper, with each different animal taking on a task; Snowball teaches the other animals to read, and Napoleon trains the puppies in the ways of Animalism. As time passes, Napoleon and Snowball begin to disagree over the prospects of the farm. Snowball becomes very passionate about his idea for an Energy-producing windmill, and gives a very ardent speech to the rest of the animals when they come to vote on the idea. Napoleon firmly disapproves of the windmill plan and sics the puppies on Snowball. The puppies chase Snowball from the barnyard and Napoleon takes over the entire farm, banning voting, and promising to make executive decisions for the good of all the farm animals. He later convinces the other farm animals that Snowball was a menace, and they are better off without him.

With Snowball gone, Napoleon decides the energy-producing windmill is a good idea, plagued by weather and cheating farmers, the windmill is a total loss. During a fight with the cheating farmer, Napoleon's most...