How to Operation the Ore Flotation Equipment?

Generally called the nature of the mineral to float with difficulty floating mineral flotability. Flotation of ZSF series flotation machine is in using mineral flotability differences to wet magnetic separator of minerals. In modern ZJJF series flotation machine, the application of flotation reagents is particularly important, because after ZXJK series flotation machine medicament treatment, sf flotation machine can change the flotability of mineral, mineral of the floating can selectively attached to the bubbles, so as to achieve the aim of ore dressing.
The basic operation sf flotation machine flotation: A, the adjustment of the pulp, and the addition of flotation reagents. sf flotation machine purpose is to cause the difference of mineral surface properties, namely change the
wettability on the surface of the mineral, adjust the selectivity of mineral surface, make some mineral particles can attached to the gas saturation, and others can't attach to air bubbles. Second, stir and cause a lot of bubbles.
With the help of the sf flotation machine inflatable mixing effect, lead to air dispersion in pulp and form a large number of bubbles, or prompted precipitation formation micro air full of soluble in pulp.Three, bubble mineralization. The
ore particles selectively attached to the bubbles, this is the most basic behavior in flotation process. Flotation is based on different minerals by water wettability of ore dressing methods.
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