How to Make Baked (Shirred) Eggs

In France, this basic methods of baked eggs is called oeufs en cocotte.

You can bake eggs nestled in other foods such as rice, vegetables or sauces. These foods should be heated before the eggs are added for faster and more even cooking.. Make indentations in the heated food with the back of a spoon, about 2-inch diameter

For individual servings of baked eggs, use baking dishes (ramekins, custard cups, individual soufflé dishes, or small oval bakers) that just fit the eggs plus the flavoring, food, or liquid. If baking the eggs in other solid foods or in liquids, preheat them before adding the eggs for faster and more even cooking.


      Preheat oven to 325° F.

      For each serving, lightly butter an individual oven-proof baking dish or ramekin.


      Break one or two eggs into each dish. Season with salt and pepper. Spoon 1 tablespoon milk or cream over eggs (skim milk, low-fat milk, half and half, or light cream may be substituted). Spooning a liquid over the eggs can help prevent drying out.

      Bake in preheated oven approximately 12 to 14 minutes, depending on number of servings being baked. Check the eggs after about 10 minutes baking time. When done, the whites should be completely set and the yolks beginning to thicken but not hard.

      Serve Immediately.

Baked Egg Options
Top eggs with desired amount of one or more of the following toppings before baking:

Light cream
Shredded cheese
Chopped ham
Minced fresh chives or minced fresh herbs