How to Make a Cup of Coffee

How to Make a Supreme Cafe Latte
Making coffee is a form of art. It takes an experienced artist to make coffee worth consuming. Many people do not know how to make coffee. The methods used to brew coffee may vary, but coffee must be pleasant to be enjoyed. Many factors in preparation can determine whether coffee is great or not. It does not matter whether the type of coffee is the common drip brew, or whether it is a refined cappuccino. It takes a craftsman with an eye for perfection to make the perfect cup. I have had too much dirt-quality coffee to stray from it and say that brewing is an art.
Drip coffee is simple for those short on time or who do not want to put forth the effort, and for those who have had that burnt, bitter tasting coffee from a gas station. On the opposite end of the spectrum, one will find that the more sophisticated types of coffee are typically harder to create. With the boom of upscale coffee houses and euro style eateries, lattes are more prevalent than they have ever been in the United States. Almost every corner café and eating establishment believes it can serve a latte, I have even witnessed coffee stands in certain drug stores. Unfortunately, these places will rarely have coffee worth drinking to a connoisseur. “The whole purpose of places like Starbucks is for people with no decision-making ability whatsoever to make six decisions just to buy one cup of coffee.” (Tom Hanks)

        Making a cup of drip coffee is easy and can be mastered by an amateur. For example, drip coffee is to what coloring in between the lines is to art, only a small challenge. It takes a true coffee craftsman to master making cups of espresso or cappuccino. I am proud to be quite the expert. Learning how to make the proper cup of coffee is likened to an apprentice learning under a great master of their craft, you will slowly work your way up. I was taught to brew coffee by my sweet grandmother. I started off making coffee with "Tasters Choice" coffee...