Mcdonalds Hot Coffee

Hot Coffee at McDonald’s
McDonald’s serves coffee at scalding temperatures around 185 degrees Fahrenheit, significantly hotter than that of home-brewed coffee.   McDonald’s has received over 700 hundred complaints from customers about burns from its coffee.   In response to the complaints, McDonald’s put a warning label on its cups and designed a tighter-fitting lid for them.   If McDonald’s continues to serve their coffee and such extreme temperatures, someone is going to be burned and get hurt to point that they will press charges against McDonald’s.   McDonald’s must take action in order avoid a possible law suit.
There are many people that could be affected by McDonald’s actions.   On a personal level, the person that orders hot coffee & their family & friends, would be affected.   On the other hand CEO’s, store managers, stock holders, & employees could be affected on a corporate level.   Certain classes of people that consistently buy coffee from McDonald’s would be affected on a societal level.
In order to solve the problem McDonald’s should either: 1) decrease the temperature of their coffee and tell customers they must take precautions to better protect their customers, 2) keep serving their coffee at the same temperature but give the customer greater warning of just how hot the coffee is both verbally and labeling on coffee cups, 3) keep serving the coffee at the same temperature but add a another hole on the opposite side of the drinking hole to be able to add sugar, creamer, etc.
Alternative two suggests that McDonald’s should acknowledge that their coffee is indeed hotter than they average consumer would expect.   One of Immanuel Kant’s most important philosophies is telling the truth.   If McDonald’s shows that they are giving full disclosure to the excess temperature of their coffee both verbally and on the packaging, they would be telling the full truth to the customer.   In order for McDonald’s to do their duty they would have to tell the...