How to Improve Nonverbal Communication

How to improve Nonverbal Communications ?
Nonverbal Communication is behavior, other than spoken or written communication, that creates or represents meaning. In other words, it includes facial expressions, body movements and gestures. Nonverbal Communication is talking without speaking a word. It is very effective   sometimes than a speech. Research has shown that Nonverbal Communication has taken a large percent of our daily interpersonal communication.
People can communicate information in numerous ways; so one needs to pay attention to things like eye contact, gestures, postures, body movements, and tone of voice. By paying closer attention to other peopleā€˜s nonverbal behaviors, you will improve your own ability to communicate nonverbally as nonverbal communication can be multi-channeled and ambiguous.
As part of the essay, I had to interview three persons on how they are able to improve their nonverbal communication skills. First person I interviewed was my sister Indu Ward, a Pharmacist at Kmart pharmacy. Her job requires a lot of nonverbal communications including eye contact, with the customers she interacts every day. Since she interacts with customers on one-to-one basis, she has to have a very pleasant face (mask feelings) even if she had to deal with a bad customer prior to that. She said she always tries her best to keep a very friendly face whatever the circumstances are. In the beginning, she had inhibitions on how to interact well with the customers but in the mean time she learned the art of nonverbal communication very well by observing fellow Pharmacists since her job is very demanding. But she still feels that she could make some improvements in controlling the quality of her voice while communicating with customers.
Second person I interviewed was my elder sister Sindhu John, who had a Masters in Organic Chemistry and currently pursuing a career in Pharmacy. She commented that she would mask her feelings whenever it is not required or...