Nonverbal Communication in the Context of Managerial Communication

Nonverbal communication in the context of managerial communication


        Communication is exchanging and sharing information, ideas and message. Each and every day, in every social interaction, we communicate our feelings, attitudes, thoughts and concerns using a definite medium or pattern. Communication has two major forms namely Nonverbal communication and Verbal communication. In our conversation we use both verbal and nonverbal forms to convey and support the message to be sent.
        Verbal communication can be defined as a primary vehicle that organizations use to maintain contact with their internal and external environment. Verbal communication is divided in written and oral in two parts. On the other hand, nonverbal communication is used to express power and status, love and intimacy, communicate agreement, establish relationship and regulate the stream of communication

Managerial Communication:

      Managerial communication is essential in today’s flourishing and vibrant business environment. Managerial communication must be effective in terms of delivering important message around the organization to meet and achieve stated objective and goals. Communication establishes relationship and makes organization work possible.
From the perspective of an organization messages sent by the manager to member of staff has a definite objective like motivating, informing, teaching, persuading, entertaining or inspiring .An effective communication is vital for the organization’s survival goals and mission. It is very important for a manager to have a good knowledge on the communication process.

Communication Process:

        Communication is an all round process. It is not just conveying message to another party. Bettinghaus and Cody (1994) identify communication as “one person transmits a message that is received and acted upon by another individual”. The communication process can be describe by the way information flows from the...