Body Language and Nonverbal Communication

Cm115-01: Communication Concepts and Skills
Professor: Traci Anderson
Unit 4 Assignment
Body Language and Nonverbal Communication

I think that people watching is very entertaining, you can learn a great deal about how people act, dress and interact in their environment. I have decided to observe the nonverbal codes and messages of strangers at Lehman College’s Office of Veterans and Military Affairs. This section of the office creates identification cards for eligible military members, their dependents, and contractors. Similar to the DMV, they are always very busy. My observation period was during their busiest hours, 9:00am - 9:30 am. The customer service ID card section is pretty well lit. The furniture is okay; they have chairs that are closely arranged, causing people to sit very close to each other. There are plants and wall décor, making the space look somewhat professional.
As I first walk in the office seemed welcoming and friendly,   as go in to have a seat in the waiting area the amount of people waiting to be serviced and the looks on their face, made this a somewhat of an uncomfortable place to be. As I sit and observe, the look of aggravation on everyone’s face is due to the long wait. The people in the room don’t really talk to each other or make eye contact. The technicians however greet the customers very energetically and professionally. When I observed groups of two or more people together, from the nurturing mom and her kids, to the couples holding hands or sitting closely together, their nonverbal messages gave me clues about the dynamics of their relationship. I can even tell that the elderly women is being assisted by her daughter or close relative opposed to an aide/worker, this is due to the soft and nurturing way that   they are with each other as well as the familiar look and mannerism they displayed.
Being that this is taking place in a military workplace, I see the military culture and professionalism present. A...