How to Help a Student with Special Needs

General History:Medical History:
Student’s strengths & interests:
  * Very sociable
  * Very outgoing and friendly
  * Fine motor skills
  * Very caring
  * Enjoys art, crafts, music, P.E.

Student’s Needs:
  * Difficulties in attention maintenance and control
  * Difficulties in cognitive processing
  * To enlarge her target circle of friends.
  * To start and finish a task on time
  * To express her feelings and needs appropriately
Student’s learning style:Constant prompting, re directing to tasks
Motivation and reinforces: As a reward she likes to go to the school park or to the classroom’s garden
Teaching approaches that help: Number grid for Mathematics lesson and alphabet grid for Maltese and English
Special Provision & Resources if requested:Number grid and alphabet grid
Other Services given:   at school - Speech therapy
outside school –Museum

Summary of progress

Physical Health: n/a
Language:   Receptive – Sometimes she just understands one command at a time
                    Expressive – Sometimes she doesn’t express herself but instead she puts down
her head on the table and shows a sad face

Self-help Skills:Very independent with regards to toileting, lunch bag/box. She needs reminders
to ensure that what is needed for home is not left behind
Motor Skills:  
Gross motor skills – Fine gross motor skills – age appropriate
Fine motor skills - Age appropriate. She is right handed and she has a very good tripod
with pencil grip however her handwriting is large.

Social Skills with peers & adults:During break time, she joins her peers in games, but sometimes she just look at the others playing
Attention & concentration: Short attention span especially after the mid-morning break and sometimes even from the morning. Needs constant prompting.
Motivators & reinforces: She goes to the classroom’s garden when she finishes her classwork on time.

Eye-Contact: Age appropriate...