Special Needs

Special Needs Assisting

Helen is a client in my care and is a nice quiet and gentle lady. She is a middle aged woman with special needs. She can hear perfectly and is mobile. My role as a carer is to care for all her needs e.g. been a good listener and giving time to Helen and been observant of any changes in Helen that I may have noticed and report it if need be to Public Health Nurse or family member.

In the morning I knock first on the door and then let myself in as I have my own key as Helen is aware of. I notice she is sitting up and dressed and washed and ready for something to eat. We chat for a while and I ask Helen what she would like to eat before going to bingo and she asks for tea and a banana.

First of all I wash my hands and Helens hands with soap and water and dry them with a towel. Then when making the tea Helen and I chat away and laugh about some funny things. Then I give Helen her tea and banana and then I put some milk in her tea. I don’t want her to get burnt. Helen doesn’t have a sweet tooth so she doesn’t bother with sugar in her tea.

Next I ask Helen if she needs to go to the bathroom and she replies yes, so I assist her. Helen likes to be independent and tells me she will manage the toilet on her own so I tell her to be sure to wash her hands after use of toilet and I check to make sure she has, as hygiene is very important in our daily lives as by washing your hands you prevent the spread of infection.

Then after hands are washed I assist Helen back into the kitchen. Then Helen decides what coat she would like to wear and I help her to put it on carefully. Then I hand her some lipstick and she looks in the mirror to put it on. She also puts on some nice perfume and smells really nice. Then I ask her if she has all the things she needs in her handbag and she asks for her keys and her purse. I hand her the keys and purse and I ask her if she has enough money for the day. Bingo costs 5 euro and her meal costs 5 euro and...