1.1 Respectful Professional Relationships

Ashley Forbes                                                                                               08/03/2015
                    How to establish respectful, professional
            relationships with children and young people

It is essential to develop a respectful and professional relationship with children or young people. It is obviously a key thing for teachers and teaching assistants to develop a good relationship with the children in the school, other than there parent’s they are the main adults they see on a daily basis. It is fundamental that the child can confide in them and trust them and it also just as important that the adult can fell the child can be trusted. This in itself is a relationship that has respect and is professional, as both adult and child fill they can trust in one another.

Arguably the best way in establishing a professional and respectful relationship with a child is simply by listening to the child. By listening to the child it shows that you are interested in what they are saying and what their views are. Also it is key that you do not interrupt the child when speaking as this can show the child disrespect and make the child think that you are not interested in what they are speaking to you about. When listening it is key to take a keen interest in what the child is saying as it allows you to gain vital information about the child such as likes, dislikes and hobbies. Keeping eye contact while listening to a child and maybe even lowering yourself to there level shows that your concentrating and that you are taking what they say seriously. This also is a sign of respect to the child and shows that you consider them as an equal.
Talking to the child can also be a great way to establish a respectful and professional relationship. It is obviously key once again that you maintain eye contact when talking to a child to show them the respect they deserve and that you are indeed listening and taking on what they say....