How Personal Can Ethics Get?


This paper will discuss the ethical challenges that can face every individual in certain situations. First, we will start discussing how personal differences and preferences can impact organizational ethics, and how each individual may respond differently to specific scenario of conduct based on their own characteristic behavior. Then, we will discuss how organizational policies and procedures can impact ethical behaviors and how they can, if defined clearly, deter individuals from involving in such acts and to encourage report if they experience something alike. Furthermore, we discussed in details what Valerie is going through and her situation of mixed fear and ethical values determining the best way to approach the problem. Finally, we discussed few recommendations that can help Valerie in her situation to report it without affecting her job or others in her team.

Discuss how personal differences and preference can impact organizational ethics
Ethics are the values that help any individual determine the right and wrong in any situation and under any circumstances. These ethical values in the organization determine how it responds to any internal or external issues that arise from individuals or acts. They also represent the values of an organization to all employees or other outside entities.   Personality differences and preferences can impact organizational ethics because each individual in any organization is has his or her own characteristics and each individual responds differently to an issue than other person. For example, someone who is a risk taker and open to new ideas by nature may find a certain act to be normal and ethically acceptable. On the other hand, an individual with conservative or cautious personality may find it ethically challenging and tries to solve the issue once noticed. In relation with personality differences and preferences, companies may build the ethical code of the organization by the types of people working for...