How Personal Can Ethics Get?

“How Personal Can Ethics Get?”

1.     Discuss how personal differences and preference can impact organizational ethics.

2.     Discuss how organizational policies and procedures can impact ethics.

3.     Discuss the ethical dilemmas that Valerie is facing.

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4.     Recommend what Valerie should do. Provide a detailed explanation.
After taking all things into consideration it would still be my recommendation that Valerie just come forward with the information. The truth of the matter is the manner in which she came across the information may be frowned upon the bigger picture in this instance would have to be the information itself. By keeping it to herself this actions may very well continue… as will the cycle of everyone on her team probably being over worked and under payed. It seems the best thing for the team would be the elimination of her boss and even though Valerie has a lot to lose she could potentially stand to gain so much more. I really and truly doubt that the company would not view her as even more of an asset if she were to share the information she has come across. I would say that her credibility would be enough in and of itself to ensure that she has a lasting relationship with the company which would guarantee that she is able to achieve all of her personal as well as professional goals.

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