How Much Land Does a Man Need?

village. He began to judge the peasants and even persecute innocence. “Simon was summoned. The

case was tried, and retired, and at the end of it all Simon was acquitted, there being no evidence against

him.” (Tolstoy, 962)

Finally perserverence was a theme that wasn't to seen as other themes out shined this one.

Going past everything else Pakhom was he was an extremely perserverant person. His will to gain as

much land as he could led him to do many things most people wouldn't even dare. Even making deals

with the devil inspite of not knowing so. He was pretty perserverant on making his land even. “I have

made the sides too long; I must make this one shorter.” (Tolstoy, 970). Near the end of the story

Pakhom is running out of time so he runs even near death. “Pakhom was seized with terror lest he

should die of the strain Though afraid of death, he could not stop.”(Tolstoy, 970). The theme was he

wanted to perservere to get his land so badly he gave up his life for it. “ He saw that blood was flowing

from his mouth. Pakhom was dead!”( Tolstoy, 970).

These hidden themes were the themes you'd normally not see in the widespread of things.

Looking deeper into what's behind the things you'll catch first is harder. Hidden themes are some of the

harder things to find and understand. As for the story itself   the themes show itself. Pakhom was greedy

and perserverant for his land. May people were Prejudice. All it really takes is to have patience and

look carefully.

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