How Does Society Shape People's Lives Yo32

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How does society shape people’s lives?

It would be fair to say that society can shape people’s lives as well as people shaping society. Society has a far reaching effect on people by shaping their behaviour and values. It can influence an individual through the use of media, schools, community and many more. This essay will draw upon two disciplines Health (Health, care and society) and childhood (society, food and children) and will explain how they can influence an individual’s life. From the childhood view it will indicate the rise of obesity in children, parent’s influences and how eating habits and image are defined by changes in society. From a health view it will discuss the effects the government, organisations and food manufactures have on people’s choices of lifestyle.

Childhood. Society food and children.
Children growing up tend to look at their parents and the community they live in when forming their understanding of behaviour. The media plays a big part in promoting what is healthy or unhealthy. This can have an impact on an individual’s way of thinking. Peoples view on wealth and beauty have changed considerably as in the 18th and 19th century being plump was a sign of great wealth and beauty (Y032 unit 3 block 4) but now you will see being thin is what is promoted through celebrities mainly woman and this could change people’s way of thinking of how they view themselves. A child’s diet and eating habits are very important from a young age. Society has a great influence when it comes to eating habits and diets. Eating habits have changed a lot since post-war times. They tended to have healthier meals as proven with the NSHD (National survey on health and development) even though money may have been tighter then (Y032 Unit 3 block 4) With the invention of kitchen appliances such as freezers, microwaves and fridges and now ready meals available it makes it easier for...