E132 Peoples and Society

Part 1
How does society shape people’s lives?

It is undeniable that people’s lives are influenced to some extent by society in various ways throughout their existence. In order to prove this claim this essay will draw upon the disciplines of health and childhood studies. Both disciplines will tackle the problem of obesity. From a childhood studies perspective the rise of obesity in children will be evident. It will indicate parent’s views regarding this problem as well as other issues like how eating habits and beauty are defined by changes in society. From the health point of view it will demonstrate how intervention from government, food manufacturers and supermarkets can affect people’s choices and decisions.
As society changes so do people’s lives, that is almost inevitable. Take for instance the concept of beauty and how it has changed from back in the 18th and 19th century where being plump was a sign of high status and wealth (Block 4, 2014). Nowadays being slim is what is represented by the celebrities, shown by media and desired by everyone, mostly the female population. This change in mentality has shaped the way people view themselves and others leading to rethinking children’s diets and recent changes in government legislation regarding this matter (Block 4, 2014).
Another sign of society’s influence would be regarding eating habits. The whole variety of kitchen appliances i.e. microwaves, freezers, etc. plus the wide range of ready and frozen meals available in supermarkets makes for a rise in consumption of easy cook family meals. Fast food places are the best friends of working parents. Despite being unhealthy, these are easy and quick, and have increased in number considerably. All these changes in society have had a major impact on peoples eating habits, when comparing it with post war diet. Following a National Survey on Health and Development (NSHD)   it seems that   despite the austerity, people then ate healthier than now which had a...