Concise and General Sense on Chicken Manure Dryer

We manybe all know that the Pure chicken manure organic fertilizer has high fertility and long persistent effect and it has been recognized by customers. The hundred thousand mu of pollution-free vegetable greenhouse established in Zhengzhou in 1999, the pollution-free rice in Changyuan county, agaricus bisporus in Shen county, Shandong province and pear in Dangshan, Anhui province all capture the market with the precondition of green and pollution-free, and their first choice for fertilizer is pure chicken manure organic fertilizer which is also the main raw material of various organic compound fertilizer and bio-fertilizer. However, the wet pure chicken manure can not be used directly, so we need the poultry manure dryer machine, such as chicken manure dryer machine to dry them, in order to utilize them better.

The rotary chicken manure dryer has high mechanical degree and high production capacity and it is able to continuously operate. And this poultry manure dryer machine has Excellent and simple structure, stable resistance on the materials when going through the cylinder and convenient operation. The complete set of the drying equipment mainly is composed of the crushing drum dryer, feed spiral, output spiral, pipeline,burningfurnace, dust collector, airlock, air induced fan, electric control cabinet and other components. Humidity materials are conveyed from thefeed screw directly into the dryer drum, raised by the drum wall panels repeatedly, and scattered by the crushing blow dispersiondevices. Materials and the negative high-temp media are combined sufficiently to complete heat and mass transfer process. As the result of the drum wind angle and the induced air, the feed materials move slowly, and discharged from the spiral after drying, the exhaust gas handled by the dust precipitator, venting to the atmosphere.

And we also have other mining machines, such as stone crusher plant, sawdust dryer machine and silica sand dryer and so on. If you...