1. The Following is the design process when Entrepreneurs develop innovations :

      1. Idea
      Identify a market oppurtunity

      2. Resource
      Organise People, Finance and facilities

      3. Research
      investigate the possibilites

      4. Patent
      Protect your intellectual properties

      5. Design
      Model and Test it for users

      6. Develop
      Improve the technology

      7. Make
      Produce lots of them

      8. Sell
      Advertise and inform people

      9. Service
            Communicate with your customers

            The Following   is my design process that im using and how it from the Innovation Cycle :

      1. My First step was Idea – due to the fact that you need to have the idea to set up the rest of your plan and identifying who the target audiences will be.
      3. Then I went on   to see what I had available to me that I could use, how much things were going to cost etc.

      4.   Research : I began researching a lot of things to see what would be better to design my stadium with , who would be the consumer and how I could make my product the best .

      5. Patent – I felt I needed to protect my intellectual property being that there are a lot of stadiums I want mine to be unique.
      6. Purchasing : Then I went on to purchase my equipment that I needed for the stadium so that way I could be ready to make it .

      7. Develop : I went on to draw 2 sketches and I showed people my ideas and asked what they liked and didn’t like so I could make adjustments.

      8. Make : I then plan to start building the stadium having the idea that I want in my head and hopefully it being successful.

      9. Service : My Final Step will be showing it off   the final product will be a design model of the stadium .

There are many similarities with my Design Process and the Innovation Cycle but there are some things which I’m not...