How Did the Communist Party Maintain Power Between 1917 and 1924?

Consolidate: to join together into one; unite, merge.

How did the communist party maintain power between 1917 and 1924?

Between 1917 and 1924 the Bolsheviks were challenged for the rule of Russia to maintain power they implemented certain organizations and regulations.   These organizations and regulations instilled fear among Russians. In 1917 the Bolsheviks introduced a number of decrees that addressed issues involving other political groups and peasant workers. Throughout the period of 1918-1921 Trotsky and Lenin utilized war communism to persecute the public during the civil war. Also Leon Trotsky’s involvement with the red army assisted them in maintain power during a time of uncertainty. To be confident of a successful campaign the Bolsheviks adopted a policy of fear and terror to oppress the Russian population.

1917 saw the Bolsheviks succeed in the November revolution, even though the majority of the Russian population didn’t support them. Lenin never wanted to share power; he was an individual who believed one man could change a nation by creating a revolution. To achieve this Lenin used the red army to shut down the pervious Constituent Assembly and create he’s own form of government. He successfully did this, creating the Sovnarkom government; this was an early step towards gaining and maintaining power over the Russian population and how determined he was as an individual.   Lenin’s commencing of decrees issued under the new government, targeted individuals and groups that the Bolsheviks assumed would be a significant threat to their power. These included political opponents of the Bolsheviks and the Russian people specifically the Proletariat and bourgeoisies. On 1st December 1917 all non-Bolshevik newspapers were banned under a decree on press. This blocked other political parties from having a voice and counteracting against any Bolshevik form. The press decree was followed by a decree on Russia’s main liberal party, the Constitutional...