Why Were Lenin and the Bolsheviks Able to Consolidate Power in Russia by 1924?

Why were Lenin and the Bolsheviks able to consolidate power in Russia by 1924?

Lenin and the Bolsheviks were able to consolidate their power in Russia by 1924 through social and political reforms, ruthless pragmatism and brutal terror. The Bolsheviks in 1917 introduced a series of new reforms to support the peasants and working class. NEP consolidated Bolshevik power through its restoration of the economy. The Civil War allowed the Bolsheviks to defeat all their enemies and their ruthless pragmatism could not be matched by any opponent.

The Bolsheviks introduced a series of new reforms aimed at consolidating their support among the peasants and working class. The Bolsheviks created a new Governing body, the Sovnakom that ruled by decree without going to the Soviet for approval. In key areas, the Bolsheviks compromised their principles to keep popular support.. The Land Decree gave peasants the right to take over the estates of the gentry and to decide for them the best way to divide it up. The peasants however were already doing this, so this decree only legalized their actions. Land could no longer be bought or sold and is belonged to the entire people. All land that was owned by the church, the Tsar and the nobles, was handed over to the peasants. The Workers Control Decree gave factory committees the right to control production and finance in workplaces and to "supervise" management. This idea was far away from socialist ideology, but they could not resist the worker's calls for reform. The maximum eight-hour working was introduced, along with unemployment pay, old age pensions and sickness benefits.   Workers also received control of the factories and control of the railways. The Rights of the People of Russia Decree offered self-determination to the national minorities of the empire. These reforms were successful in consolidating the power of the new government during when the government was fragile and lacked power.

NEP successfully consolidated...