Compare and Contrast the Ways in Which Both Governments Keeps Control and Maintains Power (Brave New World and 1984) Mark: 6

Compare and contrast the ways in which each government keeps control and maintains power. Explain how and why each regime came into being and evaluate their relative success

This essay question asks me to do quite a few things. It asks me to “compare and contrast” the ways in which both governments of both novels came to power, it asks how these governments maintain power and control and it asks about the relative success of both futuristic societies.
In 1984 the society that Orwell paints came into existence by very different circumstances to that of Huxley’s. In 1984 the government that exists is known as the “party”.   The use of “party” would suggest that they were once a large political party (not full controllers). Once this political party grew in power, they started to play dirty and do things like eliminating opposition and controlling the people using fear and violence. The way in which the party came to power is translucent over message that Orwell was trying to give with this book. In Orwell’s time the second world war had come to a close, but it came to a close after the realisation of the way life could be like if we lived in a totalitarian state. There is a special link between the way in which Hitler in world war two came to power, and the way the “party” came to power. They both came to power by force, foul play and by the complete elimination of rival parties and counter opinions.  
Huxley’s society however came into existence by very different means. The mark at which the progression into brave new world started was at the beginning of the industrial age, the age of ford. Ford was the first person to introduce manufacturing into society, and this book is based on the evolution this from the industrial age. As science and technology increases exponentially, people realise that there is no need for us to live miserable lives. We can create a society where everything works in harmony, and everyone is happy in their hierarchical position. This...