How Can Memory Be Improved by Use of Mental Images, Concepts and Schemas

Our brain organises our thoughts and the data we receive from the world in order to store and recall information more efficiently. For this arrangement our brain uses different methods like mental images, concept forming and schemas. Those three methods can be used to improve our memory, let's see what they are and what they can do to aid our recall.

I am going to start with mental images.
Mental images, are images in our thoughts, like the memory of a place when you remember the image rather than a description with words, they are iconic thoughts.
Most adults when we recall information we do it mainly using words, semantic thoughts.
However, different experiments suggest that using mental images can improve our recollection; it is like giving a cue to our brain to remember something more accurate and clear
For example, when we remember a conversation we had with a friend, having a mental image of where we were, how we were dressed, could help us to bring to mind the conversation and the details better. Another good example is when you are studying a subject and a picture in the book help you to remember some concept or idea, for example in Spoors et al, there is a picture depicting Phineas injury, that picture is now stored on my brain and help me to recollect what happen to Phineas and how his injury influenced his behaviour
The effort made by forming and image would help to fix that memory on your head.
Humans have been aware of the benefits of using mental images for centuries, we have the proof on the Method of Loci, a technique devised by ancient Greek poet Simonides, the method helps you to remember a list of things, for example food items from a shopping list, the way to do it is imagining these objects in a familiar place, for example your living room or your office, this method has been tested on students and proved to work
There are other researches that suggest that...