Hot, Flat, and Crowded

Hot, Flat, and Crowded When I look at CSR and our country today, I see some broad trends and some of which are really troubling and some which gives me hope that with differ¬ent leadership Americans would, indeed, step up to meet this challenge. Many of our nat¬ural allies and our natural instincts had embraced the world. It look like that we shifted from a country that always exported its hopes to one that is seen as exporting its fears. The other disturbing trend has been building slowly in many years. It is a dumb as we want to be mood that has overtaken our political elite, a mood that says we can indulge in petty red state-blue state cat fights for as long as we want and can postpone shoring up our health care system and our crumbling infrastructure, postpone addressing immigra¬tion reform, postpone fixing Social Security and Medicare, and postpone dealing comprehensively with our energy excesses and insecurity indefinitely. On the other side, our corporate organizations, education systems, and our economy is falling in fairway. We've become a subprime nation that thinks it can just borrow its way to prosperity and putting nothing down and making no payments for two years. We didn't need to study hard and build a solid educational foundation. We didn't need to save and build a solid credit record. When I hear CSR, I believe it is not the corporate only but as a citizens we are failing to change our life style and we are not handling enough or acting aggressively to change our way of life today.