The Hot Zone




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Shortly after New Years Eve in 1980, a man named Charles Monet took a girlfriend of his to Mount Elgon in West Kenya, Africa. Monet and his girlfriend end up spending the night and they visited a cave called Kitcum cave. After he got home from his trip, he got home and three days later, got a massive headache. The headache is the first symptom of his deadly disease. A few days after getting the headache he went to the doctor who told Monet that he needed to go to the hospital in Nairobi. Charles Monet got a flight to Nairobi nine days after visiting the cave.

The entire way to the Nairobi hospital, he was throwing up blood mixed with other liquids of various color. After landing in Nairobi, Monet went to the hospital and waited for the doctor to see him. While he was waiting, his spine went numb and he lost balance. After this happened, Charles Monet ends up going into shock. Just as on the plane, he starts throwing up blood while he is unconscious. While he was throwing up all of this blood and black liquid, his bowels tore open which caused blood to gush from the anus. After Monet died, his blood was sent to most all of the prestigious disease labs and the disease was found to be a strain of the virus Marburg.
While all of this was going on in Africa, the same types of deaths were killing entire tribes in Sudan. Gene Johnson then flew over to Sudan to work with the sick members of the tribes to find a cure to the disease or virus that they had. The strain of Marburg found in Sudan was named Ebola Sudan because of where it was originally found. Later in Zairem the were missionaries who gave vaccine shots and penicillin to the...