Is the World Really Flat

It’s a Flat World, After All
Thomas Friedman

This article main point is that the world is getting smaller and technology is making that possible. But America is no longer leading the charge; India, China and Russia have all become global players and are surpassing America. Americans have become lazy and content which has aloud these countries to at least catch if not surpass us in the technical world.
Some facts that the author used to support his idea are very interesting. One is he listed some 10 reasons on how the world got flattened and why it happened so fast. The reasons range from the Berlin wall coming down to outsourcing, insourcing, the public offering of Netscape, etc. Another fact is in the 1990’s; some 3 billion people joined the rest of the world. From China, Russia, India, Eastern Europe, Central America and Central Asia, these people now joined the world market and changed it drastically forever. Globalization 3.0, it has turned our planet from small to tiny, connecting people around the world instantly. A CEO of a business can sit down in front of a TV and talk to his entire operation from the development to production to the distributors and suppliers to the sales. This has greatly reduced the size of the world and aloud people to connect across the planet.
I agree pretty much with everything in the article, though I wouldn’t call it the flattening of the world. It is just that the rest of the world has now joined us in the world market and it caught us by surprise because we were becoming complacent with our lead over the world. I wouldn’t even call the U.S. a super power anymore, unless we are talking about military strength, but we are not. We have fallen behind as they say in this article and instead of sitting around whining about it as we are, people need to go back to school, retrain themselves for the future jobs in technology.