Course: BIP- Tourism Management

Assignment: How does quality increase employee sanctification

Date: 14 June, 2015

Quality: Is a perceptual, conditional, and somewhat subjective attribute and may be understood differently by different people.   ( Wikipedia)

Employee Satisfaction

It is factual that employee satisfaction is an innermost concern in service industry. It is a multi- factorial construct. Employee satisfaction contain basic factors, excitement factors and performance factors. Basic factors are the minimum requirement that cause dissatisfaction. Excitement factors   increase customer satisfaction and performance factors result in satisfaction only when performance is high. (Source)

Employee satisfaction is closely related to service quality and customer satisfaction which is then related to firm   profitabilityfirm profitability.   Beside this, firm profitability has a reasonable non-recursive effect on employee satisfaction . satisfaction. Employee satisfaction plays a considerable role in enhancing the firm profitability and improving operational performance of organizations and quality of goods and service. (Naseem, Skeikh and Malik, 2011)

( Afshan Naseem, Sadia   Ejaz Sheikh and Prof. Khusro P. Malik, 2011).

Here are several ways to inspire employees and increase employees’ satisfaction.

1. Employee Orientation: One of the best ways to have satisfied employees is to make sure they're pleased from the get-go. Offering a thorough orientation will ensure expectation are realistice and that new staffers don't   come in with rose- colored glassed that will quickly fade. proper on boarding encourages positive attitudes and can reduces turnover.

2. Positive Work Environment: An upbeat workplace is a necessity. If the workspace isn't positive, you can't expect the work to be. Encouraging one another, avoiding micromanagement, giving positive feedback and ensuring criticism is constructive are all ways to keep the environment...