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Portofino Bar & Grill
Business Plan
775 Danforth Rd
Toronto Ontario M1K 1P3
(647) 818 4169


03 12 2010

December 3rd, 2010
775 Danforth Rd.
Toronto Ontario M1K 1P3

Dear Peter Smith,
I am in quest of a loan for my business Portofino Bar & Grill located on the Danforth.   I have thirteen years of experience in the hospitality industry and six years of managing in very high end and fast paste restaurants that has gained me a reputation of being professional, and detail oriented within the workplace environment and feel I am ready to take on the roll of opening and operating a restaurant of my own.   Furthermore, I found and outstanding building for lease right in the heart of Greek Town, I   have done my research on locations and got the taste for the Danforth community due to population base, accessibility, visibility, my target market and of course coming to an understanding with the building owner of my lease requirements.

  The Danforth has a constant flow of the people I am looking for; this location is perfect for Portofino Bar & Grill.   The working population on the Danforth is sixty-five percent between the ages of 20 to 64 that make an approximant income between $ 18,000 to 80,000 and spend an average of $2,000 on entertainment according to the Toronto website of Income and Poverty on the Danforth. Now that is not the only reason why this location is perfect for me but also, the style of the restaurant and what it has to offer is different from my three major competitors that you will further read in my business plan.   I would like to add that this would be highly beneficial to you.   For instance, the fees you would be making off the interact machine per transaction that will be provided by you, as well as the $100 a month in the business banking plan that I will be choosing, and not to mention the interest on the loan for a 5 year expectancy.   As you can see if provided with the loan my...