Homosexuality in Religion

iHomosexuality in Religion
By James Shen

Christianity is currently the world’s largest religious group, with many different views regarding homosexuality. The roots of these sentiments may be traced back to the biblical era, and in observance of its historical development, it will become apparent how it had developed.
  * Views on Homosexuality

  * Ranges greatly from acceptance to total condemnation

  * Often welcomes homosexuals into the religion

  * Considers homosexuality an immoral act, and a sin

  * Negative view on homosexuality justified through biblical passages

  * Influence by Church Fathers and other important religious theologians shaped modern view on homosexuality

  * History

  * Christianity developed in a heavily Roman and Greek influenced society

  * Homosexuality at the time, seen through pederasty between elders and youth had been a known phenomenon

  * Biblical references condemning homosexuality would cause Christians to harbour negative views towards homosexuals in ancient Rome and Greece

  * Christian Church fathers, in religious texts, would further condemn homosexuality, influencing Christian views and further moulding the hatred towards them

  * St. John Chrysostom deemed homosexuality the lowest of all acts, even murder. He described it as an incredibly immoral sin deserving punishment.

  * In the Medieval era, theological ideas by influential religious figures would continue to exacerbate feelings towards homosexuals

  * St. Thomas Aquinas’s theological belief on naturalism promoted the idea that homosexuality was morally incorrect and harmful to society

  * St. Peter Damian stated that homosexuality was irrational and was a detriment to society and Christian values

  * Biblical References

The negative views on homosexuality may mainly be traced back to passages in the bible condemning it as am immoral act and as a sin, though is also the result of...