Homosexualism a Drawbach Decision

Homosexualism a drawback decision
Have you ever wondered why people choose to be gay? Homosexualism has always existed through times and we cannot do anything to stop it. I believe that when you make the decision of becoming a gay person, life will change completely. Nowadays, gay couples are facing problems with justice because they do not have the right to getting married, they cannot raise a child and they do not have the parent’s recognition.
April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse are a couple who proudly wave their rainbow flag. They are living a struggle with society and American’s law making their lives miserable. Chief Justice John Roberts is the person in charge to help this kind of problems and this gay couple really trust in him but the real problem is how confident a person can be. These legal procedures always hide something evil with greedy benefits. I consider that Roberts obtains lucrative advantages from people that are suffering from this type of issues just the fact of not supporting same-sex marriages says a lot of him. Why you are going to defend something that you do not approve? That means that you are a phoney person.
Finally, in my opinion people need to consider the shortcomings of becoming gay. Is not just a sexual preference it also involves a whole prejudicial events. People like Roberts are changing the natural development of society putting apart God’s word. We need to be conscious of what we want for our future. Living as a homosexual person will bring you lots of minuses for you and your family.